Luminex Case Study: Myriad RBM & xMAP® Technology

Myriad RBM, Inc. is the world’s leading multiplexed immunoassay testing CLIA laboratory based in Austin, TX. They provide comprehensive protein biomarker services using Luminex's xMAP® technology platform that gives reproducible and quantitative data for a few or hundreds of proteins in a cost-effective manner. Their expertise allows them to provide a unique experience to customers in that they are truly a partner - all the way from drug discovery to regulatory submission and project management.

Myriad RBM is dedicated to saving lives and improving patient’s quality of life through the discovery of novel, transformative diagnostic products and by improving drug development outcomes across all therapeutic areas. We utilize our knowledge and expertise to discover new diagnostic products with our high-quality biomarker products and services.

The flexibility and scalability of Luminex’s xMAP® technology has helped Myriad RBM keep up with the expanding needs of its customers. xMAP® has also allowed them to go from discovery to custom assay development.