Multiplexing with xMAP® Technology

Luminex is the leader in multiplexing technology, which is often the best method for testing 3 to 500 targets. Once you’ve decided that multiplexing is the right method for you - it’s easy to get started with xMAP® Technology. First, you need to identify the targets you’re interested in testing.

Once you’ve identified your targets, you can search the xMAP Kit Kinder at the Luminex website to determine if an off the shelf kit from a Luminex partner is available.

Can’t find a kit with your targets? Don’t despair! You have a couple of options to build a custom multiplex assay. You can have a Luminex partner build a custom assay for you. Find a complete list of research partners on the Luminex website.

You can also build your own custom assay. The xMAP Cookbook has 20 proven protocols plus tips and reagent lists.

Still have questions? Search the Luminex Research Publications Database with over 34,000 articles by Luminex customers, collaborators, and partners designed to inspire your next experiment.

Want to talk to a multiplexing expert? Simply contact Luminex support and we’ll help you get started today.

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