Luminex NanoGrid Technology Overview

Luminex NanoGrid Technology utilizes arrayed capture DNA and gold nanoparticles to detect targets. Each nanoparticle is functionalized with universal oligonucleotides that will specifically bind through a mediator to the target nucleic acid that is hybridized to the array.

NanoGrid technology utilizes slides covered in spots called NanoGrids containing strands of DNA complementary to the various targets of interest. The type and the layout of the DNA spots will vary depending on the assay.

Sample nucleic acid that has been extracted and/or amplified for the targets of interest washes over the slide containing the NanoGrid, which is housed within a hybridization chamber.

NanoGrid Technology provides an effective multiplexing solution and allows for quick and accurate data analysis. It allows for increased sensitivity for both nucleic acid and protein detection. The gold nanoparticles are extremely stable, have a long shelf-life, and are non-toxic.

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