Luminex Instruments

Luminex® designs, manufactures, and sells various instruments for multiple protein and nucleic acid applications. Learn more about each of our instruments:

The Luminex® 100/200™ was Luminex's first manufactured instrument. It can read both magnetic and non-magnetic microspheres with a capacity of 80-100 bead regions, can analyze a full 96-well plate in about 45 minutes, and uses flow cytometry.

The FLEXMAP 3D® was released in 2009 and can identify up to 500 different bead regions on either 96-well or 384-well plates. It also uses flow cytometry to interrogate the microspheres.

MAGPIX® was released in 2010 and can identify up to 50 MagPlex bead regions. It uses the magnetic microspheres for the fluorescent imager analysis. It can analyze a 96-well plate in about 60 minutes.

The Luminex 200, FLEXMAP 3D, and MAGPIX are all used for both protein and nucleic acid applications. To learn more about our multiplex instruments, visit

The ARIES® and ARIES® M1 Systems are fully integrated, sample to answer platforms that perform sample preparation, extraction, and real-time PCR assays, utilizing real-time, PCR-based multiplexing technology and fluorimeter detection to analyze results.

The VERIGENE® System consists of a VERIGENE Reader and one or more VERIGENE Processor SPs. It is a benchtop instrument that combines automatic nucleic acid extraction, purification, amplification or fragmentation, and hybridization in each module. It utilizes NanoGrid technology to allow for detection and Nanoparticle imaging to detect target presence or absence. You can run up to 32 assays at the same time.

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