Luminex Case Study: University of Louisville & ARIES®

The University of Louisville Infectious Diseases Laboratory is a CLIA-certified, high-complexity reference laboratory offering testing services for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The mission of the University of Louisville Infectious Disease Lab is to provide reference laboratory testing that is timely and accurate for the greater Louisville area and southern Indiana community.

Their reputation is built on the relationships they’ve developed with the staff at the hospitals they serve and delivering higher quality results with faster turn-around times. This personal touch allows us to have a greater understanding of their needs and how we can provide new solutions.

They have been working with Luminex for nearly ten years beginning with their first multiplexing system, the Luminex® 200™. Over the years they have adopted additional Luminex systems, with the ARIES® System being the most recent. The flexibility of the ARIES® System has given them the flexibility to create their own laboratory developed tests which reflect the needs of their community and provide hospitals access to esoteric testing not previously available in the region.